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How Sci-Fi Saves the World Podcast—Episode 10 Recap

We hope you’re ready for some sci-fi, because Episode 10 of the How Sci-Fi Saves the World podcast is live and ready for your listening pleasure over at Brigade Radio One.

In this episode, your sci-fi and Hollywood industry guides E.J. and Eric discuss current and upcoming sci-fi productions, both traditional and out of the box:

  • A quick look at First Man and the controversy over its reception
  • The Meg — it’s not just a name, it’s a co-production between Chinese and American filmmakers. But does it live up to its goal of being “the second best shark film ever”?
  • (Bonus if you know NINA_Unlocked director Martin Hall did the VFX on The Meg)
  • The Flash Gordon remake and whether the original really is a “great cast, awful movie”
  • Upcoming productions such as The MandaloriansReplicas, Twilight Zone, Arctic, and the Halo series
  • Why you should ABSOLUTELY SEE The Lady Killers— and not just because Eric is in it

Then, E.J. and Eric take a deep dive into the burgeoning landscape of OTT (over-the-top) content providers and how they are impacting the creation and distribution of sci-fi.

  • Why is sci-fi so popular as a genre?
  • Who’s creating content? Everybody?
  • What does OTT mean in terms of new formats and new filmmakers breaking through?
  • Tons of proofs-of-concept are being turned into features — and a lot of those proofs-of-concepts can be seen here on Recursor! View Bag Man, Strange BeastsSeam, Temple, Hyperlight and other short films today.

Listen here.

Art by darksouls1 via Pixabay


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