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Follow Recursor’s fearless leader, E.J.Kavounas, and the congenial entertainment strategist extraordinaire, Eric Mark, as they chat about what we love best—science fiction, of course! With E.J. and Eric, you never know exactly where each podcast will take you, but you can be sure it’ll be a fun ride—a lot like those geeky discussions you have with your sci-fi loving pals over French fries and beer.

On the HOW SCIENCE FICTION SAVES THE WORLD podcast, you’ll listen to all the fun, chatter, musings, rabbit trails, lightsaber duels, clones, AI overlords, and gundarks you can imagine, plus the occasional tribble or two.

Listen to the HOW SCIENCE FICTION SAVES THE WORLD podcast online at Brigade Radio One, or look for it soon on iTunes. You can also follow the podcast on Facebook and on Twitter.

Eric and E.J. taking over the world (or at least a podcast)