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Tune in for Broken Road — Coming in 2022!

a sci-fi audio drama by Recursor.TV and the Fable & Folly Network

Broken Road is a ten-episode, limited series, full-cast science-fiction audio drama set in the near future about a war veteran with obsolete military implants who teams up with a defiant farmer against a corrupt lawman. Coming in 2022!

Content warnings: Cursing, violence, death, adult themes, discussion of war, body modification

What it’s about

Abandoned by the war effort and society, veteran Emmett Lee wanders the countryside in search of replacement parts for his aging implants and prosthetics installed by the military. His battery failing and memories fading, Emmett finds himself at the mercy of Rebecca Clark, struggling to keep her farm afloat with her rebellious daughter Carly.

As Emmett learns, everyone in town is being driven out of business by agritech company Chem-A-Grow and its enforcer Arlin Frey. Chem-A-Grow has genetically engineered the soil so only their seeds will survive. As the company jacks up prices, Arlin squeezes the small farmers to pay for his own extreme body modifications.

Forced to wait for a replacement battery, a friendship grows between Emmett and the Clarks and a plan forms. With the help of Rebecca and Carly, they embark on a dangerous scheme to free the town from Chem-A-Grow and Arlin once and for all.

But Arlin, desperate to stay in power with the latest body upgrades, won’t concede without a fight. Despite failing parts and corrupted memories, Emmett must face Arlin to save the farm and the town.

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