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Nina Unlocked 103 ELI SASICH

Directed By: Martin B. Hall

Produced By: E.J. Kavounas, Edouard de Lachomette, Stephen Tao & Lana McKissack

Visual Effects: Martin B. Hall

Nina meets science-fiction director Eli Sasich.

Written by: E.J. Kavounas
Produced by: Pin-Chun Liu
Editor: Ziyun Chen
Production Designer: Yong Ok Lee
Costume Designer: Mildred von Hildsgard
Composer: Jay Logan
Sound Mixing & Editing by: Paul Hackner/Ryan Gegenheimer

  • Shout out to the Valencia HS TiGears!

  • Chris Doria

    This series is so awesome! So damn funny

  • kluu

    I have watched the first three and find these very cute and smart and Lana is doing a great job of being robotic and yet still personable.

  • ekana_stone

    Yeah, i get it. Its just supposed to be cute, and if that’s its goal, it is has succeeded.

    • Who do you think I should interview next?

      • ekana_stone

        Elon Musk is at the top of my list. If not him maybe Charpu the drone guy, or the whole Rotor Riot crew, they are fun individuals.