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A dystopian audio drama set in the near future starring Manu Bennett (THE HOBBIT, ARROW, SPARTACUS), Lana McKissack (FOUR ROOMS, 9-1-1: LONE STAR), Peter Shinkoda (FALLING SKIES, DAREDEVIL) and Indiana Massara (CHICKEN GIRLS, HERO MODE) created by Jacob Pinion (FEAR OF THE WALKING DEAD) and E.J. Kavounas (HERO MODE) based on the short story “Patience Lake” by Matthew Claxton and available on all major podcast services starting July 25.

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Content warnings: Cursing, violence, death, adult themes, discussion of war, body modification

What it’s about

Abandoned by a modernizing military, veteran Emmett Lee wanders the countryside in search of replacement parts for his obsolete military-issue prosthetics. Each step is made more difficult by his failing battery and corrupted memory files. Emmett finds himself at the mercy of Rebecca Clark, a widower struggling to keep her farm afloat with the help of her rebellious daughter Carly.

As Emmett quickly discovers, all but the most stubborn townspeople have been driven out of business by agritech behemoth Chem-O-Grow and its ruthless enforcer Arlin Frey. Chem-O-Grow’s genetically engineered soy plants have poisoned the soil so only their seeds will survive. As the company price-gouges what few independent farms remain, Arlin squeezes the destitute farmers for protection money which he uses to pay for his own extreme body modifications.

Bonding over their similar plights against corporate and governmental corruption, a friendship grows between Emmett and the Clarks — and soon, a plan forms. With the help of a few brave neighbors, Emmett and Rebecca undertake a dangerous scheme to free the town from Chem-O-Grow and its cruel enforcer Arlin Frey once and for all.

But Arlin won’t go down without a fight. Despite obsolete prosthetics and failing implants, Emmett must face the more advanced Arlin to save Rebecca’s farm and the town.

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Manu Bennett (Arlin Frey)
Peter Shinkoda (Emmett Lee)
Lana McKissack (Rebecca Clark)
Indiana Massara (Carly Clark)
Ian Paget (Roy McGee)
Monte Markham (Stan Clark)
Leilani Barrett (Dwayne Dawson)
Jentel Hawkins (Rocky Dawson)
Robb Moreira (Oscar Vasquez)
Taylor Murphy (Ali)
Nigel Braun (Kevin)
Eric Keitel (Mitchell)
Stacia Fernandez (Jelena Covic)
Eryn Rea (Emmett’s Comms)
Dave Coyne (Silvan Casper)
Zak Resnick (JC)
Eric Mark (CPA Interactive Voice Response System)
Celine Newcomb (Olivia Lee)
Heather Gonzalez (Lt. Emily Dozer)
Dave Coyne, Eric Keitel, Eric Mark, Monte Markham, Robb Moreira, Eryn Rea, Zak Resnick, Seth Polansky, Jordan Stillman, and Hannah Friedman  (Ensemble)

Creative Team 

Jacob Pinion (Executive Producer)
EJ Kavounas (Executive Producer, Writer Episodes 2 and 7)
Manu Bennett (Co-Executive Producer)
Ron Newcomb (Director)
Jacob Pinion (Writer Episodes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10)
Eric Mark (Co-Producer)
Michele Chiappetta (Co-Producer)
Chad Horn (Post-Production Supervisor)
Jay Logan (Composer)
Kai Keefe (Editor)
Seth Polansky (Sound Designer and Mixer)
Guillaume Langlais (Sound Recordist)
Jordan Stillman (Marketing Coordinator)

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