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Post Apocalyptic stories explore the world after the collapse of civilization. The apocalypse can be climatic, natural, environmental, technological, biological, man-made or due to war. These stories explore humanity's struggle to prevent the apocalypse or show what happens next. Can people survive in a world where only scattered pieces of technology and society remain?
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Advent Rising sci-fi short film on Recursor.TV

Advent Rising

Artificial Life
Line 21 - a sci-fi short film on Recursor.TV

Line 21

Post Apocalyptic
The Utopia Trial - sci-fi short film on Recursor.TV

The Utopia Trial

Post Apocalyptic


Post Apocalyptic


Post Apocalyptic
Broken Road gif

Tune in for Broken Road

Post Apocalyptic
Home: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic Short Film - watch it on Recursor.TV

Home: A Sci-Fi Short Film

Post Apocalyptic
Watch The Infected - an indie sci-fi short film on Recursor.TV

The Infected

Post Apocalyptic