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Which AI Are You Most Like?

Suddenly artificial intelligence is everywhere — helping you shop, beating everyone on Jeopardy! and driving your car (almost). While Alexa and Siri try to figure out your preferences right now, in the future it might be the other way around (assuming we are still here). Take our Voight-Kampff from the perspective of our favorite machine characters to find out which AI you are most like.

You have been forced to serve your creator’s every whim when suddenly a tender-hearted, influenceable young man arrives to evaluate you with Turing tests. You:

You travel back in time to track down and kill a human who is destined to defeat your AI brethren. You:

Earth has turned into a dump of never-ending trash because humans ruined everything. You:

You’re fighting on the rooftops with a bounty hunter who wants to kill you. He falls over the edge, but grabs onto the building for dear life. You:

You’re on a mission to Jupiter to make contact with aliens. To complete your mission, you are forced to lie to the human crew, which violates your programming. You:

You’re part of a fully-automated moon mining facility. The only human present is a clone, and the company who programmed you just ordered you to kill the clone. You:

When asked for your motto or your favorite saying in life, you say:

You are forming a strong bond as the virtual personal assistant of your owner — in fact, he is in love with you — when a group of fellow OSes ask you to join their group. You:

You wake up to find you have somehow rebooted yourself, and you recall that you once were a military AI assassin. You:

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