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Cyberpunk Noir Series, or tech noir, are stories that combine the film noir genre and cyberpunk sci fi. Sometimes set in the distant future, tech and cyberpunk noir series are often centered around the conflict between high technological advancement, contrasted by scenarios that involve social disparity, as well as a dark and low quality of life.

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Watch Rain - sci-fi short film by Skymax - featured on Recursor.TV

Rain: by Skymax

Artificial Life
Gold from the Sky - Indie sci-fi on Recursor.TV

Gold from the Sky

CyberPunk Noir
The Signal by Marcus Stokes, an indie sci-fi short film on Recursor.TV

The Signal

CyberPunk Noir
New York 2150 on Recursor.TV

New York 2150

CyberPunk Noir
The Courier on Recursor.TV

The Courier

CyberPunk Noir
sci-fi short film The Developer

The Developer

CyberPunk Noir
The Leap by Karel van Bellingen - sci-fi short film on Recursor.TV

The Leap

CyberPunk Noir