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UPDATE: Take a 3D Tour of the USS Zumwalt

If you’re a fan of new developments in military technology, then the U.S. Navy has something you’ll want to check out. The USS Zumwalt, a guided missile destroyer, is the most technologically advanced surface military ship in the world.

And now you can view the ship’s innovations through an interactive 3D animated tour hosted by the Bookmark.

The 3D tour gives viewers a 360º look at the Zumwalt and includes details of the advanced ship’s structural specifications — such as length, speed, weight — of interest to those intrigued by military ship design. It also provides a thorough overview of the s

USS Zumwalt structure / Recursor.TV

USS Zumwalt structure via Bookmark

hip’s technology, from the computer systems in the ops center to the armaments.

Among the Zumwalt’s many intriguing features — 80 missile bays with the ability to launch surface-to-surface, surface-to-air and antiballistic missiles, and a unique hull and bow design that helps the ship masquerade on radar as a small, harmless fishing vessel.

Not since the launch of the HMS Dreadnought (a British ship known for breaking new ground in naval military operations) in the early 1900s has any navy launched a ship with so many new technologies, said the Zumwalt’s current commander, Capt. Scott Tait. Speaking at a roundtable in Coronado, Calif., Tait explained how the ship’s advanced technology allows the Zumwalt to execute both peace- and war-time missions efficiently and effectively, while operating a smaller crew than other ships of comparable size.

The USS Zumwalt’s stealth capabilities and other new technologies are still being tested and refined by the U.S. Navy, says Tait, with plans to expand the innovations to future ships as well as back-fitting existing ships where possible.

And as former Naval Intelligence Officer and Co-Founder of Lightspeed Innovations, Ellen Chang, said in a previous interview with Recursor, “We are very excited about the additional force the Zumwalt class brings to the table!”

Take the full interactive 3D tour of the USS Zumwalt to learn more about its advanced systems and weaponry.