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5 Action Movies Worth the Watch on Netflix June 2020

As much as we’d love to watch nothing but science fiction, there are only so many movies Netflix can stream at any given time. So when there’s no more sci fi, we turn to our favorite adjacent genre: Action! We’ve dug deep into the current Netflix library and pulled together a list of quality titles that might have fallen below your viewing radar. We left out obvious hits which we assume our audience has seen: no comic book movies, franchises or major theatrical releases. These action movies on Netflix right now are a delight. So, buckle up for these hidden action gems!

Extraction (2020)

If you’ve only seen one movie on this list, it’s probably this one. Extraction features some of the most intricate and exciting action sequences since the Jason Bourne movies. Chris Hemsworth proves he can play more than an action-comedy superhero in an understated, gritty performance.

Close (2019)

Close is a surprisingly well crafted international action thriller starring Noomi Rapace, who is also credited as an Executive Producer. If you liked Man on Fire and Taken, you’ll probably enjoy Close, which delivers with several spectacular but grounded action set pieces and a solid central character arc.

Lockout (2012)

Okay, this one is a sci-fi action movie, but if you were turned off by its mixed reviews and unabashed B-movie premise, don’t be. It’s worth checking out. Guy Pearce stars as a down on his luck and wrongly accused cop forced to rescue the President’s daughter on a space station which is also a floating maximum security prison… Trust us, just go with it.

Blood Father (2016)

There’s more drama than action in this movie than most of the others on our list, but Mel Gibson and Erin Moriarty give great performances throughout. It’s got a real Sons of Anarchy vibe, and the final action set piece is very well done.

Den of Thieves (2018)

This movie draws a lot from Heat in the best possible way with two strong leads: a cop unable to maintain any type of work/life balance determined to take down a highly disciplined criminal. Gerard Butler plays somewhat against type as a seedy cop losing control of his family. The final heist sequence is surprisingly well conceived.