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Broken Road Episode 2 Goes Live

Episode 2 of BROKEN ROAD, “Remote Ops, Very Old School,” just dropped on podcast outlets everywhere, and it’s a good one that you won’t want to miss!

As you’ll remember, in episode 1 we meet Emmett, a veteran with failing military-issued “enhancements,” who finds himself stranded in an inhospitable town. After losing a trusted traveling companion, Emmett isn’t sure what to do next until he meets the kind farmer, Rebecca, who takes him in. Meanwhile, the town’s enforcer, Arlin Frey, shows his true colors.

In episode 2, with Arlin and his people in pursuit of the new meat in town, Emmett finds himself hunted. Rebecca buys Emmett some time, but she’s got problems of her own. Rebecca’s daughter Carly makes her first appearance, and pulls out an old guitar to sing a tune, defying for a moment what it’s like to grow up in this town.

Special Features and Debuts This Week

Fans of Indiana Massara, the TikTok sensation, won’t want to miss this episode—because it features the debut of an exclusive song by Indiana. This is the worldwide premiere of a new song by a TikTok influencer with over 4 million followers—so if you don’t know Indiana yet, you’ll want to check out her social feeds. (You can find her here.) . The song begins post-credits at the end of the episode, so be sure to listen till the last second to enjoy it all.

Where to Tune In

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