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In a near and uncertain future, veteran Sergeant Emmett Lee wanders the countryside in search of replacements for his obsolete military-issue implants. Despite his failing battery and corrupted memory files, our reticent hero teams up with defiant farmer Rebecca Clark against the agritech giant Chem-O-Grow and its brutish genetically-modified enforcer Arlin Frey. BROKEN ROAD is a story of ingenuity in the face of corporate greed, what it means to be human and the need for connection, and the strength of community in the face of insurmountable forces.

Get recaps and transcripts of the latest episodes below.

Episode 1

In the near future, a war veteran with obsolete military implants teams up with a defiant farmer against a corrupt lawman.

Episode 2

Rebecca buys Emmett some time, but she’s got problems of her own. Carly sings.

Episode 3

For Rebecca and Emmett’s plan to work, they’ll need help. Ali and Carly disagree about their future.

Episode 4

Rebecca visits an old friend while Emmett makes a new friend. Arlin suffers from withdrawal.

Episode 5

Emmett’s daring mission backfires.

Episode 6

Drones threaten progress while Arlin makes his play. Elsewhere, Carly is torn.

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