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Dex Legacy: SFF Audio Drama by Emily Inkpen

Audio dramas are the new frontier in science fiction storytelling right now. And among the great features out there, you’ll find a new author with great ideas and a fresh approach—sci-fi author, scriptwriter, poet and general word nerd, Emily Inkpen. In her The Dex Legacy series, the forthcoming sci-fi audio podcast, she explores the limitless possibilities of fantasy and sci-fi story crafting.

Inkpen got her start early in life. Like many authors, she wrote her first book in childhood, around the age of twelve. She kept writing, and went on to copywriting as a career until the ideas behind her new SFF series clicked. “One night, as I lay thinking about a collection of characters I’d carried with me since my teen years, a vital piece of their story clunked into place and The Dex Legacy was born,” she says.

The opportunity to bring her fiction to audio life came when Chris Gregory, the creator of the Alternative Stories podcast, reached out to her.

“It was an unexpected and welcome invitation,” she explains. “Chris Gregory read a couple of my short stories and asked if I’d like to write something for him. I did, and it turned out to be successful. The Bomb is now episode one in what will be the Dex Legacy audio drama series.”

The Bomb has been popular with listeners, earning positive praise. “People have really enjoyed the complexity of the concept and the depth of the characters,” she says. And that bodes well for the upcoming Dex Legacy series.

Emily Inkpen

This new series will tell the tale of three characters—Varian, Isra and Ren—who are the adopted children of a megalomaniacal weapons manufacturer called Nathaniel Dex. 
The children grapple with and against one another and the needs of their father’s company, his business partners, and their own family dysfunctions. 

“The characters have been with me for a long time, and it’s inspired by bits of everything I’ve ever read, watched and experienced,” Inkpen says. “It’s Final Fantasy VII meets the Lannisters, but there’s much more to it. It’s brutal, violent, psychologically challenging, highly political and darkly humorous, and nothing is ever quite what it seems.”

Plans are in the works to launch all six episodes of the Dex Legacy soon, and listeners can expect great acting from a full cast of characters, an original soundtrack, and great writing.

Emily Inkpen can be found on Twitter (@emilyinkpen), through her author website, or through the Dex Legacy website. “If you sign up to The Dex Legacy newsletter, you’ll get a secret link to a recording of me reading a prequel short story called, “The Dark,” about Ren’s experience being kidnapped in the Domonos Mountains two weeks before episode 1. It’s constantly alluded