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Indie Sci Fi Review: EXIT LOG

In the year 2247, not only has humanity ventured out among the stars, but time travel has also been invented. However, there is a catch: time travel is limited to only three minutes into the past. Each starship has a “time-drive” installed as an emergency contingency. Once the time-drive is activated, everything on the ship is reset three minutes into the past — except for a final warning message known as the “exit log.”

Onboard a deep space vessel, two engineers, Amy (Ruta Gedmintas, The Strain) and Hannah (Ophelia Lovibond, Guardians Of The Galaxy), receive an exit log with a very cryptic warning. Knowing a catastrophic, ship-wide, mechanical failure is imminent, the women desperately try to discern the exit log’s meaning before it is too late.

The screenplay for EXIT LOG was written by Academy Award® winning writer Geoffrey Fletcher, based on a original concept by Chris Cornwell.

The short is very reminiscent in tone, look, and feel to the classic science fiction motion picture 2001: A Space Odyssey. Like the iconic Stanley Kubrick space opera, though the story takes place in the vastness of space, its focus is much more intimate, namely the internal and interpersonal travails of the protagonists.

Another thematic similarity both films share is the depiction of our fraught relationship with technology. While the time-drive prevents disaster, its very limitation also frustrates Amy’s and Hannah’s attempts to find a tenable solution to their predicament.

With its sleek production design, compelling cast performances, and intriguing narrative conceit, EXIT LOG is a gripping deep space drama.

Watch it here.

Rod Faulkner, guest sci-fi short film reviewer for Recursor.tvFilm reviewer  Rod T. Faulkner is the founder of, a website dedicated to promoting the best genre web series and short films. He also is the author of 200 Best Online Sci-Fi Short Films, a compilation of exceptional SF&F short films.