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If you haven’t seen the indie sci-fi short film COGNITION yet, it’s time to do so. COGNITION marries strong production values, great casting, appealing visuals and a stunning soundtrack to create a sci-fi world that is evocative and intriguing.

Check out the trailer here.

Bafta winner Andrew Scott plays an emotional, moving role in the film; fans with recognize him from his turn as Moriarty in BBC’s Sherlock. Scott adds a delightful counterbalance to the nuanced performance of Jeremy Irvine (Treadstone) as COGNITION’s hero, Abner—who was kidnapped and brainwashed as a child to become a soldier for an evil empire. Abner’s inner struggle and the outside world collide in a dramatic moment that underscores the trauma Abner has undergone.

Executive Producer Michael Demmerle and Executive Producer/Director Ravi Ajit Chopra have made a short film that’s quite ambitious. Chopra gets great production value for his VFX, no easy feat on an indie budget. He also draws great performances from his cast. (Demmerle and Chopra discuss this and more in an interview with Recursor—coming soon, so stay tuned!)

Another standout feature of COGNITION is, without a doubt, the musical score. Written by Samuel Karl Bohn and performed beautifully by the BBC Concert Orchestra, the backdrop music raises the film to a higher level than the average indie short achieves.

COGNITION is available in 9 languages across 92 countries, from February 2nd 2021 on Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and YouTube Premium. For countries and viewing platforms, visit:

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