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Phoenix 9 Proves Survival Comes at a High Price

Phoenix 9 / Double Vision Productions / Recursor.TVAfter a nuclear holocaust has decimated the earth, a  small ragtag group of survivors stumble upon an unlikely refuge in the midst of devastation. However, this seemingly perfect haven is not all it seems, and the security it offers comes at a very high price.

The first film project from filmmaking team Amir Reichart (director/editor) and Peer Gopfrich (writer/producer), Phoenix 9 is a proof-of-concept based on a screenplay by Gopfrich. It’s not difficult to imagine this short film being adapted into a full-length feature, because there is so much potential in it.

Dystopian sci-fi short Phoenix 9 / Double Vision Productions / Recursor.TVThe compelling narrative of survival set after the fall of civilization is bolstered by a cinematic sense of scale and scope. Viewers get intriguing hints of futuristic tech merged with desolate landscapes and beaten-down man-made installations. And there are interesting uses of light and shadows that definitely show the production team’s talents, promising more good things to come from them in future films.

Phoenix 9 creates a believable future world that promises a deeper story to explore. Watch Phoenix 9 and let us know what you think.

 Rod Faulkner, guest sci-fi short film reviewer for Recursor.tvGuest reviewer Rod T. Faulkner is the founder of, a website dedicated to promoting the best genre web series and short films. He also is the author of 200 Best Online Sci-Fi Short Films, a compilation of exceptional SF&F short films.