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Record/Play Captures Our Desire to Replay the Past

The memories of our pasts have a stubborn way of intruding on our present. That’s the driving idea behind the satisfying indie sci-fi multiverse story in Record/Play. The main character revisits a past event that brings him heartbreak through a recording at first, and then literally as his past and future begin to unravel like the film from an old cassette tape.

Record/Play indie sci-fi / Recursor.TV

A Collaboration Factory Production

It’s good to see sci-fi featuring people of color in the main roles, and Record/Play does this so easily that it’s only noticeable because of the current efforts to diversify casts in Hollywood right now. Otherwise, the character is simply allowed to be a human responding to grief, which is what you want as a viewer.

The setting is gritty, grey, with yellow basement lighting that emphasizes the tone of regret and loss that pervades the film. What happens when the main character, played nicely by Mustafa Shakir, discovers he can actually revisit the past is riveting and relatable.

Credit for a solid sci-fi short story well told goes to screenplay writers Aaron Wolfe and Jesse Atlas, along with the producer Chris Bryant.

Watch Record/Play and share your thoughts. We love talking sci-fi with fellow fans.