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Recursor/TFN Partnership Brings More Sci-Fi to Web

Good news for science fiction fans who want more ways to watch the latest indie sci-fi productions online and on demand — you’re now going to have more ways to do that because Recursor and The Fantasy Network (“TFN”) are joining forces as of today to share more sci-fi and fantasy content on the web.

The strategic partnership brings Recursor’s provocative, high-quality science fiction-themed content to The Fantasy Network, where it will complement the rich fantasy content already available on TFN. Fans will enjoy convenient access to creative, entertaining, independently-produced science fiction and fantasy content.

Ron Newcomb, owner of The Forge Studios which produces The Fantasy Network, said of the partnership, “TFN has always considered bringing on great indie sci-fi content, and when we saw what Recursor was doing and the quality they were bringing on to their platform, partnering with them was a no-brainer! We’ve always known it’s the same fan base, just a different side of them that we can reach.”

CEO of Recursor, E.J. Kavounas, said, “The founders of TFN, Ben Dobyns (Zombie Orpheus Entertainment), Jason Faller and Kynan Griffin (Arrowstorm), and Ron Newcomb have built a groundbreaking platform. What makes TFN unique is the combination of streaming service and deep audience engagement including supporting crowdfunding campaigns.”

The strategic partnership between Recursor and TFN gives fans of science fiction and fantasy increased accessibility to the genre video content they crave. The collaboration gives TFN and Recursor new ways to support indie filmmakers of science fiction and fantasy, as well as new opportunities for fans of this content to interact and take part in the creative process. “TFN is about inviting the fans into the creative process—not passive fans, but fully engaged ones where we can all now have a platform to create,” said Newcomb.

Lana McKissack as NINA_Unlocked

Fans of science fiction and fantasy can expect to see exciting, original content such as the Recursor-produced sci-fi web series Nina_Unlocked, featuring actress, singer, producer, and YouTuber Lana McKissack, as well as original fantasy content by the companies behind TFN, notably The Rangers series,The Gamers series, and Mythica, which was created by Faller and Griffin, who are also the creators of The CW seriesThe Outpost currently in production on its second season.

Watch the Recursor Channel on TFN

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About Recursor.TV and The Fantasy Network

Recursor.TV is the first online media platform dedicated to indie science fiction video content. The platform offers original content as well as a host of curated short films, proofs of concept, and sci-fi series from independent filmmakers. The Fantasy Network (TFN) is a global hub for independent fantasy films and series. TFN provides a free-to-watch SVOD service with a mission to deliver creator-owned genre television and film content in a more accessible, shareable, and discoverable way across the web. The platform features original fantasy content as well as licensed, award-winning fantasy content from dozens of independent creators. It is accessible online at and via IPTV apps on iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire, and Chrome TV.


Header cover image from Martians Abroad by Carrie Vaughn (Tor, 2016).