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Sentinels: Point of No Return

What do you if your plans to pitch your sci-fi series get disrupted by a global pandemic? If you’re the creators of SENTINELS: POINT OF NO RETURN, you get creative and make a podcast instead.

The premise of the story is classic sci-fi reminiscent of another current series, THE EXPANSE.

By 2546, Earth and the Solar System’s Colonies are owned by seven all-powerful transglobal corporations. For over three hundred years, EarthCorp’s Sentinel Guard has been the interplanetary defense, search and rescue, and corporate law enforcement branch of SysCorp’s Security Forces.

The Colonies are mostly inhabited by Genen corporate employees whose ancestors were genetically modified to withstand the conditions of life off earth. Considered “mutts’ and “genetrash” by most pure-gene earthers, Genens work, live, and die in service to the corporations that own their very DNA; a system of oppression and discrimination that has been policed by exclusively pure-gene Sentinel officers.

Until the Fall of Saturn.

Now the Sentinel Guard must be rebuilt with “mutts” drafted into corporate security forces for the first time. And like the brutal integration of police forces in the Sixties, it won’t be easy. The genen recruits will have to fight their fellow officer’s hatred and racism, the corporations, their own colonies, and themselves to pull the System back from the brink of chaos and collapse.

Developed by Chris Judge (Stargate SG-1, God Of War, Final Space) and Mike Disa (Deadspace: Aftermath, Dante’s Inferno, Paradise PD), SENTINELS blends bold characters, space adventures and drama designed to delight science fiction fans. And it’s not afraid to tackle provocative issues that draw from real life—including institutional racism in a security force, civil unrest, Earther privilege, and corporate greed. 

Learn more about the podcast on the official SENTINELS: POINT OF NO RETURN website.