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Weekly Science Roundup: 1/14/21

Science fiction fans love science. We know we do, and we’re pretty sure you do too. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite science stories from the week. Enjoy!

More Habitable Worlds

Looking to move off Earth? There are plenty of possibilities—as many as 300 million planets. Provided we could get to them, of course.

Wormholes for the Win

Can we travel through them? One astrophysicist sure thinks so. And others are saying they may have new ways of locating wormholes. Puts a whole new spin on Farscape.

UFOs: You Know You Want to Know

Looks like we have Congress’s COVID relief efforts to thank for something… ah… unique: the release of tons of classified UFO documents. And it’s just in time, what with the strange sightings recently in the Outer Banks and Hawaii.

The Future Is Here

Wondering what 2021 has in store? Someone put together a list of the science fiction that may become science fact sometime soon.

Robots Taking Over

You’ve probably seen the dancing robots video already. But did you know New York City has a new robot police dog? Well, now you do.

Flat World? What about Dodecahedron?

We’re kidding. We all know the earth is made of green cheese. But if you had to travel across a world shaped like a cube or triangle, it helps to know your geometry. Here’s why.